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Khole Kardashian pregnant with first child? The truth revealed

It was now the turn of the Internet to get wild, when reports surfaced that the author of ‘Strong Looks Better Naked‘ was finally pregnant with her first baby. But is she really a ‘would be mom’? Let’s find out. Khloe Kardashian, has no doubt been linked to several famous...

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5 simple ways to love your wife well -Part II

3. Help her pursue her career and passions She is married to you doesn’t means her individuality is lost. Nothing is better than when your wife knows that you are her biggest cheer leader and emotional support. It gives her the energy to fight against all the odd. Show interest...

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Liam Hemsworth & Miley Cyrus : He reveals why they split & are back on

Finally Liam Hemsworth spoke about his relationship status with former fiancée Miley Cyrus. Liam even gave his fans some insight into his relationship and even revealed why they broke up in the first place. Yes it’s rekindled! He was more open than before and talked about what led to the...